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How do we help?

  • Our artisanal method of harvesting spirulina is very ecological, since it requires little consumption of water, electricity and suplies.
  • Our production process includes a filtration system which consists of separating Spirulina from its culture medium, water, which is afterwards returned to the original pool without producing waste water.
  • In the dehydration process, since the spirulina is already filtered and pressed, it does not require a large amount of energy.
  • The energy we use is generated, in a great scale, by photovoltaic cells.
  • Our spirulina is packed in biodegradable and biocompostable packaging.
  • Spirulina is nourished by carbon dioxide and produces oxygen.
  • We do not use herbicides or pesticides.
  • We stimulate and diversify local and rural economy, introducing a new product on the market and an innovative project.
  • We promote transparency in food production - our facilities can be visited by consumers, other producers and by other interested audiences and we provide evidence of the microbiological and chemical quality of our product.